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MDM’s order processing system can receive orders through either file transfer in virtually any format or through your own online portal controlled by you. We have automated the order processing and fulfillment to ensure timely and accurate shipping of your product.  This includes the ability to correct addresses and to review freight rates to make sure the right product, gets to the right customer, at the right time.  Our fulfillment system will also alert you should any problems occur so they can be dealt with immediately before any issues arise.  We will also keep you informed every step of the order process with the status of every transaction as they progress.  All of this information is reported daily and online with real time information

MDM ships 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm in order to process as many orders as possible to meet courier deadlines.

At MDM we will also provide reverse logistics transactions to better serve your clients.  We can send requests for return both electronically and through traditional methods that make it easy for you to get product coming back from the field.  When these goods arrive at MDM they will be received, reported, inspected and either return for warranty, refurbished, or destroyed based on your instructions. Again, all traceable and reported to you daily.